This department was founded in early 2019, in order to address some organisational challenges of our parent group, RUN Polito APS – ETS. We needed an IT infrastructure because as RUN Polito started to grow, managing certain aspects like events, fellowships and communicating with our members became a bit unpractical and uncomfortable, requiring too much effort with poor performances.

With a more modern approach offered by this department, our board can focus more easily on its main tasks thanks to office automation and management solutions, without the hassle of contacting our members one-by-one for RUN Polito activities and without the need to keep track of everything by hand. Also, the dematerialisation of documents and associates’ registry through our internally developed RUNNER portal, has without any doubt simplified RUN Polito’s management, with all the data readily searchable and available in a safe and reliable way.

These aspects showed their real power during the pandemic, where we were all forced to work from home: RUN Polito was already prepared to face COVID-19 restrictions thanks to our IT infrastructure, and we carried on with our activities without any issue, recruiting new members and holding meetings regularly. But pandemic aside, we believe that abandoning the old “paper and pen” approach is nowadays mandatory, and as a group made of engineering students we strongly believe in digitalisation as a matter of principle.

Last but not least, working in our department represents a great learning opportunity, enabling our trainees to acquire high level skills and experience, both useful in the IT industry.