NOTE: for RUN Polito – APS – ETS members only.

Contact us for further information or if you wish to apply.

Open positions:

  • Sys
    Description: System Administrator. Install and provisioning of servers, softwares, in order to enable new services and maintain them. Provisioning of new servers (like VPSs), *nix users for IT staff. General surveillance on active systems. Software and systems updating. This is by far the most sensitive role.

    Prerequisites: Debian/Ubuntu extensive knowledge. Bash and crontab routines extensive knowledge. Web Servers (Apache and NGINX), DB servers (Redis, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and so on), AWS (SES, SNS, EC2, S3, Glacier), incremental backup systems, server diagnostics knowledge

  • DBMS Manager / Directory Manager
    Description: management of Relational Databases on a MariaDB SQL Server, through Web Panel/GUI. Management of an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Directory through web interfaces.

    Prerequisites: knowledge of SQL language, DB design and on avoiding security issues (like injections). LDAP queries basic knowledge. Monitoring and reporting for data breaches.
    This role requires great responsibility due to privacy reasons.

  • Webmaster
    Description: management of web spaces, including server configuration, filesystem directory setup, CMS install and config ready for end user.

    Prerequisites: knowledge of Apache2.4+, NGINX web server configuration. SSL Certificates setup through Letsencrypt ACME API (certbot). Basic knowledge of common CMS like WordPress and of Unix-like file system (permissions, basic commands, how to upload websites to server, etc). Being aware of PHP libraries required by websites.

  • Full-stack Developer
    Prerequisites: knowledge of HTML5, PHP7.x+/8.x+, SQL, CSS, jQuery (other frameworks are welcome, too), AJAX, RESTful APIs, JavaScript, Bootstrap. Good web design skills.

  • Postmaster
    Description: management of a Postfix-based mail system. Editing and creation of new mailboxes and aliases also with LDAP integration, spam filters monitoring, milter configuration, credentials management. Webmail management, configuration and enhancement.

    Prerequisites: good knowledge of Postfix SMTP Server (read: The Book of Postfix), Dovecot IMAP Server, RouncubeMail software, LDAP integration, AWS SES (Amazon Web Services Simple Email Service). Some other things to know: MX Domains, email deliverability, Spamassassin, Amavis, Pyzor and Razor spam and virus analyzers, SPF and DKIM records. SQL integration within Postfix and Dovecot.

  • Network and TLC operations
    Description: Network services admin. CPE, routers and network equipment provisioning. Network traffic monitoring, DDoS and intrusion detection and prevention through firewalls. IP Telephony management if applicable. Field mobile communications for events. VPNs management. DNS Zone management.

  • Service Desk and Backoffice
    Description: management of Service Desk, answering to open tickets and, if needed, assigning them to the proper person in charge. Bills and payments to Service Providers management and registering. IT Department’s e-mail careful reading. Domains registration and other external IT services renewal.

    Prerequisites: basic knowledge of IT stuff. Knowledge of osticket ticketing platform. AWS billing service and cost explorer. Excellent care on reading e-mails, looking for significant notices (eg: domain expiration notices, spam abuse notifications, bills, new open tickets, etc).

For all the available positions, it is highly recommended to pay attention to security best practices and to attend infosec courses. In operating our systems, we don’t tolerate being sloppy on information security practices for any reason and any uncompliance will immediately result in your dismissal.