NOTE: for RUN Polito – APS – ETS members only.

Contact us for further information or if you wish to apply.

Open positions:

  • DBMS Manager / Directory Manager
    Description: management of Relational Databases on a MariaDB SQL Server, through Web Panel/GUI. Management of an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Directory through web interfaces.

    Prerequisites: knowledge of SQL language, DB design and on avoiding security issues/data breaches. LDAP queries basic knowledge.
    This role requires great responsibility due to privacy reasons.

  • Webmaster
    Description: management of web spaces, including server configuration, filesystem directory setup, CMS install and config ready for end user. Setup of DNS zones.

    Prerequisites: knowledge of Apache2.4+ web server configuration. SSL Certificates setup through Letsencrypt ACME API (certbot). Basic knowledge of common CMS like WordPress and of Unix-like file system (permissions, basic commands, how to upload websites to server, etc). Being aware of PHP libraries required by websites.

  • Full-stack Developer
    Prerequisites: knowledge of HTML5, PHP7.x+, SQL, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Bash. Good web design skills.

  • Postmaster
    Description: management of a Postfix-based mail system. Editing and creation of new mailboxes and aliases also with LDAP integration, spam filters monitoring, milter configuration, credentials management. Webmail management, configuration and enhancement

    Prerequisites: good knowledge of Postfix SMTP Server (read: The Book of Postfix), Dovecot IMAP Server, RouncubeMail software, LDAP integration, AWS SES (Amazon Web Services Simple Email Service). Some other things to know: MX Domains, email deliverability, Spamassassin, Amavis, Pyzor and Razor spam and virus analyzers, SPF and DKIM records. SQL integration within Postfix and Dovecot.

  • Network and TLC manager
    Description: NOC (Network Operations Center) admin. Network traffic monitoring, DDoS and intrusion detection and prevention through firewalls. IP Telephony management (Asterisk + FreePBX servers). Firewall ports management.

  • System Monitoring
    Description: monitoring of server load, temperature and other parameters affecting efficiency and server uptime. Prevention of downtime events. Monitoring of servers, services and websites status, speed and availability.

    Prerequisites: Zabbix monitoring software. PHP Server Monitor Watchdog.

  • Service Desk and Backoffice
    Description: management of Service Desk, answering to open tickets and, if needed, assigning them to the proper person in charge. Bills and payments to Service Providers management and registering. IT Department’s e-mail careful reading. Sales agent. Domains registration and other external IT services renewal.

    Prerequisites: basic knowledge of IT stuff. Knowledge of osticket ticketing platform. AWS billing service and cost explorer. Excellent care on reading e-mails, looking for significant notices (eg: domain expiration notices, spam abuse notifications, bills, new open tickets, etc).