Personal Pages hosting rules


In order to use this service without getting banned forever, you must comply with the following rules:

  1. This service is intended only for publishing resources useful for other people (informative and entertainment content) and under no circumstance you will be allowed to use it for personal purposes. You can share your own lab projects, artwork, university clipboards, fanzines, blogs and content which is in general of public interest (e.g. you can’t publish your CV or a personal page with only your contacts, photos, etc).

  2. This service can serve only static content (HTML). No dynamic pages (e.g. PHP) are supported.

  3. Publishing NSFW content (porn, gore, etc) is not allowed and it will be removed, and you will be permanently banned.

  4. Publishing content non-compliant with RUN Polito – APS – ETS Charter of Values is not allowed, and it will be removed, and you will be permanently banned.

  5. Publishing copyright-protected content is not allowed and it will be removed, and you will be permanently banned.

  6. You can’t monetise your page, if you insert ads or some other form of monetisation you will be permanently banned.

  7. Any content which is against the law will be taken down, and you will be reported to local authorities.

  8. This service relies on RUN Polito – APS – ETS resources, so you must be enrolled at least as an Ordinary Member and you have to be in order with membership renewals. Otherwise, your page will be suspended but not permanently removed. The suspension ends when you rectify your membership position. For the same reason, don’t abuse of this service by uploading too much large files. If too much traffic is generated from your pages, the IT Department may suspend or limit this service in order to prioritise other services.

  9. RUN Polito – APS – ETS IT Department and its parent organisation shall not be liable for the published contents.

  10. RUN Polito – APS – ETS IT Department has the right to monitor published contents, and to suspend or delete your page at any given moment and at its sole discretion, without explanation or notice.